Thesis Resources

This page is dedicated to the resources that may be useful for my thesis. It will be continuously updated.

Edith Stein’s Works
Stein, E. (1989). On the problem of empathy. The Collected Works of Edith Stein. 3rd Rev. ed. Translated by Waltraut Stein. Vol 3. Washington, DC: ICS Publications.

Edith Stein’s Life and Philosophy
Borden, S. (2003). Edith stein. Outstanding Christian Thinkers. London: Continuum.

Szanto, T. & Moran, D. (2015). Introduction: empathy and collective intentionality – the social philosophy of edith stein. Human Studies 38, no. 4 (Winter 2015),

Phenomenology Resources
Føllesdal, D. (2006). Husserl’s reductions and the role they play in his phenomenology. In Dreyfus, H.L. & Wrathall, M.A. (eds.). A companion to phenomenology and existentialism. Blackwell Publishing, Ltd. Pp. 105-13.

Luft, S. (2004). Husserl’s theory of the phenomenological reduction: Between life-world and Cartesianism. Research in Phenomenology 34: 198-234.

Moran, D. (2000). Introduction to phenomenology. Routledge.

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Zahavi, D. (2008). Phenomenology. In Moran, D. (ed.), Routledge companion to twentieth-century philosophy, 661-692.

General Resources
Daly, C. (2010). An introduction to philosophical methods. Ontario, Canada: Broadview Press.

Laurence, S. & Margolis, E. (2003). Concepts and conceptual analysis. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 67, 2: 253-82.

Stubley, E.V. (1992). Philosophy as a method of inquiry. The Quarterly, 3 (1): 44-54.